Many of our new clients have only an idea; a spark of inspiration and a dream that they are eager to transform into reality. We have worked with over 200 companies, seeing those dreams turn into a viable jerky product on store shelves.

Recipe Development

The master chefs and food scientists at Boyd Specialties have 30+ years of experience and thousands of recipes that they have created. Whether you have a recipe for us to match, a flavor idea or even want to use one of our in-house 30 stock flavors, we can help to develop the perfect flavor profile.


Our design and marketing team has worked with companies ranging from concept start-ups to multi-million-dollar international corporations. It can be a daunting task to create the perfect face of a new company or even to help insure brand consistency. Our team has spent decades honing that craft and can help you make sure that the product your customers see on store shelves is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Nutritional Analysis

Boyd Specialties works with a national database and source our nutritional data from in-depth analysis of a batch recipe. By analyzing the entire recipe as opposed to a single piece, we achieve a more consistently accurate nutritional result.

USDA Compliance

Our team is HACCP certified and have worked closely with USDA on the local and national level as new regulations have been implemented. USDA regularly updates guidelines and rules, and our team is in constant contact with Washington DC to stay ahead of all USDA requirements.


What kind of monthly and quarterly sales can you expect? What sort of budget should be allocated for marketing and promotion? What sort of margins should you seek when working with direct-to-store distributors? We can help you form a plan for navigating these questions as your product launches.


The backbone and primary goal of Boyd Specialties is to be a simple process that makes ordering and receiving product as easy as possible for our clients. Our scheduling department can walk you through timelines and setting up a perfect pipeline for production.


Shipping can be the final step from production to the product landing at its final retail store or a warehouse. Our shipping department can help you establish the most reliable and cost-effective way to make sure that product fulfillment is achieved smoothly.


Our batches are measured to the gram when we prepare our marinade. Our marinating and tumbling process is carefully monitored to the minute and our packaging system uses strictly calibrated check-weight scales. All of this helps make sure that each bag you receive will be consistently perfect.