Why is handcrafted, small batch jerky better? Because at every step in the process there are diligent and devoted people making sure that the meat is trimmed, marinated, screened and cooked to perfection. Rather than rely on automation and machinery to rush production, Boyd Specialties takes pride in a personal and conscientious approach, with real people insuring that each batch is perfect.

We started making jerky as a family. It was a recipe perfected by Sue Boyd in the 1950s and continued as a tradition passed down to her children and grandchildren. Over the decades, great jerky transformed from a hobby to a passion and finally it became a way of life! Bringing this process and delicacy to the world as a commercial product meant not compromising at all on the amazing jerky we made in our home kitchen. The only way we could keep the quality and home-cooked flavor of Granny's original recipe jerky was to cook small batches, caring for each piece of meat and bag of jerky. There is not a single bag of jerky that comes out of our plant that hasn’t been individually crafted and inspected by real people and by meticulous eyes that no machine could ever equal.