Our Facility

Our family was born and grew up in the Inland Empire of Southern California. From the sweet aroma of the sprawling orange groves, to the cool winds that sweep though the valley, the Inland Empire has a lot to love. It was an easy choice to set up Boyd Specialties in the heartland of SoCal. Conveniently close to air, rail and shipping options, having our facility in the Inland Empire offers huge advantages.

When we first opened Boyd Specialties, the mission was clear. We wanted to create a jerky manufacturing plant from the ground up, designing and custom-making every piece of equipment to strict specifications. This helped us make our facility different from any other jerky manufacturer in the world. The ovens we use aren’t mass-produced commercial ovens. We worked closely with engineers and scientists to design and create chambers that allow us maximum consistency. Even though the racks of meat fill the ovens, our patent pending airflow technology insures that every single piece of jerky is cooked to perfection. Our computer controllers monitor the heat and humidity inside these chambers every five seconds so not a single piece is over or under cooked.

Even the tables we use to spread the meat onto screens were custom designed for perfect height and comfort. At every part of the process, we eagerly accepted the challenge to make improvements and find new and exciting ways to make the best jerky in the world.

After the facility was established, there was no time to rest. In an ever-changing world, we are delighted to find all of the new technology that has emerged to make a great process even better. With new slicing equipment, screening concepts and margination methods, ours is a never-ending quest to improve upon perfection.